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As a parent or guardian, you’ve made the right choice. By now, I'm sure you're considering many options when it comes to choosing a residential care facility for your teen girl that you care so deeply about. You also may be wondering “what makes us different” from other residential care facilities that you’ve searched for. We understand your preferences and standards so here’s a list of a few of our best features below: 

  • We understand that moving into an unfamiliar environment can often seem scary and bewildering at first. And, it can be overwhelming living with adults around them who love and support them unconditionally. Our residential group care facility will provide guidance from experts, constant encouragement, social interaction, and cultivate a spiritual experience to help our young girls transition smoothly into their new home. 
  • Considering our residential group care facility for young teen girls will provide an all-around experience with our staff. Our staff is trained with the experience in the necessary fields to maintain stability and support while meeting their short and long-term goals.  
  • The features of the residential group care facility is unique and out-of-the box. We have clean beds, healthy food choices, a dining hall with staff that have many years of experience working and understanding food nutrition. 
  • The girls living at our residential group care facility feel safe inside our walls. We nurture that feeling of closeness, which has allowed the girls to work together to keep the facility clean and safe for all. 

Yes! That’s why you should choose In Blessed Hands, Inc. residential group care facility so your deeply loved-teen girl can be a part of an environment that will make an impact on her life a lifetime. 


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If you want to speak with me specifically about your teen girl's needs, please schedule a time to meet with me so In Blessed Hands,Inc. can ensure she is successful in our program and we're the perfect fit for her.