A Few Words

About Me

Lashawnda Adams

children don't choose to be in the situation they are in

My goal is to create productive, successful adults that did not allow their circumstances to hinder their future goals.

My theory is that the right environment is key for successful treatment. The environment helps to cultivate and facilitate healing from mental health issues, trauma, and substance and physical abuse. It takes a village to develop and nurture successful young adults. I choose to provide a village of support that allows adolescent females to feel comfortable in their own skin and build strong peer support.


About In Blessed Hands

Our Motto is... "We Are All Beautiful, Inside and Outside"

Residential Group Care Facility

We provide a serene, secure, and structured environment so every teen can start on the path to recovery. We have been recognized for creating a comfortable, safe environment with a positive teacher-student rapport, college preparatory academics and an atmosphere of mutual respect.

Providing a safe environment for young females with mild to moderate behavioral issues is necessary in order for them to heal and grow. One of the main problems faced by these girls is that they lack trust, stability, security and bonding with their parents or caregivers. 

Improving emotional connections with people outside their family when they leave our residential group care facility will be key. Our goal is simple. We desire to help these teens rediscover themselves by rebuilding self-confidence through understanding their self-worth.